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Summer on Cape Cod is a unique and bustling season where local businesses work hard to provide unforgettable experiences for visitors and residents. By supporting these businesses, whether in person or online, we can enjoy the best of our community and strengthen the fabric of Cape Cod.

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Thu, Jun 20
Small Business Advocacy
Nauset Beach Summer
Summer on Cape Cod is a season like no other, filled with sun-soaked days, bustling beaches, and vibrant local festivals. As the warm weather arrives, our local businesses gear up for their busiest time of the year, working tirelessly to provide visitors and residents with unforgettable experiences. From charming boutique shops and delicious eateries to unique service providers, our community thrives on the hard work and dedication of these local heroes.
This summer, let's all make a conscious choice to support Cape Cod in every way we can.
To be sure, the summer season offers some challenges for year rounders, but by continuing to invest our money, time, attention, and intention locally, we not only enjoy the best our community has to offer but also strengthen the fabric of our beloved Cape.
Embrace the crowds and continue to shop and dine at locally owned stores and restaurants, and attend community events. If you simply can’t face the traffic, boost local businesses online by ordering from their websites and engaging with them on social media.

And always remember to give people grace and offer a bit of kindness. Together, we can ensure that the spirit of Cape Cod remains as vibrant and welcoming as ever, even during the busiest of seasons.