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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening Cape Cod's local economy by promoting the importance of supporting small businesses and fostering a thriving community.

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Ten Years of Celebrating Love Live Local

Our Story

When Love Live Local started in 2013, how it would evolve was a bit of an unknown. The intention was to highlight positive stories, Cape Cod happenings and connect local businesses with customers and supporters. As the founders began to appreciate not only how important small business was to the region, but also how much they were struggling, the messaging evolved, and they began to advocate much more strongly on behalf of small, local businesses – the backbone of this community.

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"The things people love will not be here if there is not an investment in small business and workforce. Love Live Local provides a voice for small businesses that don’t have the ability to advocate for themselves. Love Live Local is the reminder that these businesses need support."

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Amanda Converse

Co-Founder + Executive Director

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Co-Founder + Marketing Director

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Ian Lee

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