Puzio Eyecare, a family-operated local business, prioritizes exceptional customer care and offers cutting-edge technology in both patient services and products. They provide state-of-the-art eye care and employ modern systems, including a contact lens subscription program and an online shop with a sample lens option, rivaling even the offerings of larger corporate competitors.

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Mon, Sep 18
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Like many local businesses, it is in Puzio Eyecare’s DNA to go above and beyond for their customers, not just in their patient care but also in their product and technology offerings.

A patient who recently visited the office with an eye emergency said they were met with compassion and empathy and given advice to seek more specialist care. When the patient reached out to the specialist’s office, the earliest appointment that was available was three months away. Puzio’s team reached out to the specialist directly and was able to get the patient an appointment for the next day. “Feeling that well taken care made an incredibly stressful and uncomfortable time much more bearable” the patient said.

In addition to providing quality and state of the art care for all who walk through their door, the family operated business also uses modern systems and technology to meet consumers needs. In addition to running a contact lens subscription program that rivals that of their corporate competitors, consumers in the market for glasses can shop on Puzio’s online shop and even order some sample lenses to try on at home - just like some of the large corporate brands.

What’s more, they have their own line of glasses, with frames in a variety of shapes and colors, and for every pair of glasses sold from this line, Community Connections Inc., an organization that promotes optimal independence for people with disabilities, receives $10 of the sale.

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