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Local Business Boost Program 2023 Grant Recipient: Moonshine Leather

A family-owned business owned by Mike and Jacob Kline that crafts and sells leather goods. They purchased what was formally known as Cellar Leather and rebranded the business in 2019.

Moonshine Sewing 2
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Tue, Jan 16
Local Business Boost Program


Moonshine Leather
578 Main Street, Hyannis

In addition to making façade improvements, the Kline’s number one priority was to re-merchandise their space to display their vast amounts of inventory they have in storage. This will require getting creative with the negative space and building custom fixtures, creative displays, and wall mounted shelves. They have also pointed to their lack of ability to sell their goods online and track inventory due to their dated computer systems, as well as the need for additional equipment for leather crafting that would enable them to expand their offerings and services.

Moonshine Sewing

"The new sewing machine and new computers are going to help our workflow tremendously."

Mike Kline, owner Moonshine Leather


  1. Engage with an interior designer to reimagine the space and come up with a plan for fixtures and displays.

  2. Connect with downtown Hyannis facade grant program and Empower Digital grant program for website and computer upgrades.

  3. Research and purchase other machines that might enable the business to expand their offerings.


  1. Interior design consultant, Olde Cape Interiors, developed a plan for remerchandising the shop and the creation of additional fixtures.
  2. Facade grant was received and exterior improvements made.
  3. Empower Digital Grant was not successful, so a new computer was purchased with LBB grant funds.
  4. A new leather sewing machine was purchased.

The Local Business Boost Program started in 2022 and is currently a partnership between Love Live Local and the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District. Additional funding is being sought to take the program to other local businesses across Cape Cod.