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Local Business Boost Program 2023 Grant Recipient: Kilwin's

The Kilwin’s Hyannis retail location is owned by Dominick Marciano. It provides high-quality chocolates, Ice Cream, and confections combined with excellent service.

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Tue, Jan 16
Local Business Boost Program


386 Main Street, Hyannis

Dominick expressed that being a seasonal business, it is challenging to connect with customers off season to try and grow the community. He desires work to create an atmosphere that attracts families and locals to Main Street, Hyannis in the off-season. Additionally, he wanted to hire someone to take editorial and social media images and videos to create interest around his business year-round.

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"Having been a resident on the Cape for only a few years, it was not only refreshing to be able to utilize the creative skills and design expertise I cultivated in New York City to help elevate a small business but also to be involved in a project for a community that supports their local businesses in such a meaningful way."

Jessica Preuss, consultant with JPDSGN
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  1. Engage a creative and placemaking designer to come up with a plan to engage with the community in a creative and family-friendly way.

  2. Connect with an experienced product photographer to create a library of images for social media and advertising uses.


  1. Connected with JPDSGN Studios, an experienced and creative placemaking professional and product photographer to:
    1. plan and execute a community family-friendly event hosted by Kilwin's; a dog fashion show was put on at the beginning of July. 
    2. create a library of images staging the Kilwin's products in a mouth-watering way that can be used on social media and in promotional materials.
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The Local Business Boost Program started in 2022 and is currently a partnership between Love Live Local and the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District. Additional funding is being sought to take the program to other local businesses across Cape Cod.