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Local Business Boost Program 2022 Grant Recipient: El Mariachi Loco

El Mariachi Loco is a family-owned and operated authentic Mexican restaurant that opened for year-round business on Hyannis Main Street in 2014.

A view of three staff members of El Mariachi Loco behind the register with menu items around them
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Tue, Dec 20
Local Business Boost Program


El Mariachi Loco
569 Main Street, Hyannis
El Mariachi Loco outdoor sign

El Mariachi Loco is a family-owned and operated authentic Mexican restaurant that opened for year-round business on Hyannis Main Street in 2014. 

When they first opened, they had 6 dine-in seats with counter service, but the pandemic forced them to do take-out only. They now only have counter service with limited outdoor seating, and get a lot of online orders year round on their Square site. They are interested in exploring food delivery options, but the corporate third-party apps are too expensive for them. Their social media presence is good but could use more consistency and variety. They also have a food truck that they would love to get running but have trouble staffing it.

They had plans to open another restaurant in the condo complex at the end of 2022, providing a unique opportunity to activate the space. They plan to take over the courtyard at 569 Main Street to add more tables, lighting, plants, awnings, and umbrellas for the public to enjoy eating outdoors, as well as to transform the typically disused area and to draw more attention to it.

"We would not have been able to move forward with these projects if it wasn't for the support and help we received."

Karina Hernandez
El Mariachi Loco


  1. Investment in and upgrades to outdoor space, including the second property in the condo complex.
  2. Ensure occupancy in the second location in order to have additional kitchen space for food truck operations and outdoor dining space for their patrons.
  3. Increased and elevated social media presence and plan for execution.
  4. Spruce up the existing website to capture more of the spirit of the business in the wording and professional photography.


  1. Engaged with architect Mary-Ann Agresti of The Design I to produce documents necessary for their Site Plan Review hearing for their second location at 569 Main Street: a schematic design, parking study, and building code analysis.
  2. Enlisted Hyannis Country Garden to plant custom, on-brand, and attractive containers for their existing business for four seasons. They are placed strategically to provide more curb appeal.
  3. Provided a list of potential events for the food truck to participate in, connected with the Hyannis Main Street BID to talk to them about how they can contribute to activating the space, and explored a local food delivery option.

The Local Business Boost Program started in 2022 and is currently a partnership between Love Live Local and the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District. Additional funding is being sought to take the program to other local businesses across Cape Cod.