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Local Business Boost Program 2023 Grant Recipient: Clau's Beauty Salon

A full-service salon owned and operated by Claudiene Shea, which she opened in 2015.

Post Date
Tue, Oct 31
Local Business Boost Program


Clau's Beauty Salon
330 Main Street, Hyannis

Since COVID-19 the way in which people want to experience salons has changed dramatically, and Clau felt the impact. Clients no longer wanted to be in a room in close quarters with ten other people; they wanted to have a more private and seemingly safe experience one-on-one with their technician. Clau met this demand by building out salon suites in her space, where hair stylists, aestheticians, massage therapists, and manicurists work privately with their clients. The service providers pay her rent and keep their own schedules, instead of paying a commission on each service and having a receptionist keep the entire salon’s schedule. Due to lack of capital, Clau had to stop building out the salon suites, even though she has a nail technician waiting to rent one when it is available.

"The added rooms and ability to rent out space has increased my bottom line and the grant has helped me to stay afloat."

Claudiene Shea, owner Clau's Beauty Salon


  1. Complete build out of salon suites.


  1. Colors of Cape Cod completed the build out of salon suites.

The Local Business Boost Program started in 2022 and is currently a partnership between Love Live Local and the Hyannis Main Street Business Improvement District. Additional funding is being sought to take the program to other local businesses across Cape Cod.