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Cape Cod Coffee in Mashpee is a local business that gives back to the community by sponsoring events, hosting appreciation days, and more.

Group photo of the Cape Cod Coffee team
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Tue, Dec 6
Shop Local Stories
Group photo of the Cape Cod Coffee team

One of the biggest reasons for supporting local businesses is that they give back to the Cape Cod community in far more significant ways than their corporate competitors.

Cape Cod Coffee in Mashpee is one of those small businesses that has made it their mission to show up for Cape Codders whenever they can.

They do this by sponsoring local events and fundraisers, hosting events like the Finish Line for Ruck4HIT, a relay race that raises money for Heroes in Transition, and by running a series of “Appreciation Days” for groups like health and wellness workers, hospitality workers, healthcare and first responders, and teachers.

And as their nominator, John Fulone, said “the folks at Cape Cod Coffee get it… they are truly part of our community.”

Every month, along with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Broadcasting, we share stories from across Cape Cod about how our local businesses do more for this community than simply provide goods and services and why shopping with them is more than just a single transaction.

Have a similar shop local story? Or want to share how a local business you know is giving back to the community, working with other local businesses or providing employment opportunities in a unique and interesting way? Nominate them here!