The Story

Love Life & Live Local!

Love.Live.Local. is the work of three local ladies who joined forces to share our love of Cape Cod and the truly good life we have discovered here with our friends, neighbors and visitors.

Whether we were born here, raised here, or moved here on purpose, the compass points home to Cape Cod.  Each of us is inspired by the creativity and community found on the Cape, not to mention the incredible natural beauty.

We noticed a gap between the excitement we feel about our experience and its accessibility to others. Motivated by the energy of so many incredible individuals all over the Cape, and with the encouragement of friends near and far, we hope to shine a light on this special place.

The “quaint little villages” Patti Page sang of still hold a place in our hearts but there is a new energy these days on the Cape and we hope to capture that in emails we will send with what we like to call “casual regularity.”

You can expect short and sweet updates on exciting events, spotlights on notable locals, contributions from expert guests, ideas for day trips and even peeks into life beyond the bridge.  Don’t worry – there will be plenty of “sand dunes and salty air” influence, but with a fresh perspective.

It’s all happening.  We hope you’ll sign up and be included!

Meet the Editors

Amanda Converse

Earth lover, eco advocate, shopkeeper, fashionista, shop local innovator, magazine creator, vegetarian, community leader, health master, fearlessly committed to making her local beautiful inside & out.

Kate Sheehan

Tale-teller, writer, advisor, Scout’s mama, Sandy Neck lover, spin goddess, music obsessed, passionate promoter of local goodness.

Jen Villa

Artist, photographer, shopkeeper, dreamer, yogi, dance machine, exhaustingly enthusiastic & extremely passionate about life and all things local.

Headshots by localista Rebecca Brown Photography