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Shop Local Stories Pure Vita Modern Apothecary

Local business Pure Vita Modern Apothecary supports the community by donating feminine hygiene products to help address period poverty.

A "take what you need" basket of menstrual products from Pure Vita Modern Apothecary
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Tue, Mar 1
Shop Local Stories
A "take what you need" basket of menstrual products from Pure Vita Modern Apothecary

There are many reasons beyond the simple economics for supporting local businesses. Yes, they reinvest more of their profits into the local economy than their corporate counterparts, but they also contribute to the Cape Cod community in other meaningful ways.

Take Pure Vita Modern Apothecary. When owner Katie Scott became aware that many girls and women did not have access to feminine hygiene products, she began collecting boxes of tampons and pads at her store to donate to the Family Pantry of Cape Cod. As it turns out she is addressing a problem that much of the female population around the world faces called “period poverty.” A lack of access to period products due to financial constraints can cause girls to miss school and develop shame around very natural monthly occurrences; some women resort to using a few tampons that they can afford for prolonged periods of time, risking toxic shock syndrome, cervical cancer and other dangerous infections.

Our local businesses care deeply about this community, and when they see a need to provide help to those in need – even if the problem is not obvious – they will rise to the occasion.

Every month, along with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Broadcasting, we share stories from across Cape Cod about how our local businesses do more for this community than simply provide goods and services and why shopping with them is more than just a single transaction.

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