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Pupcakes Pet Boutique and Grooming: Where dogs are pampered like family, connecting with customers on a personal level and supporting the community.

Juliana holding two puppies
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Mon, May 1
Shop Local Stories

There are businesses in our community that make deep and meaningful connections with their customers; reaching them on a human level, and in the case of Pupcakes! Pet Boutique and Grooming, they reach them on the canine level as well. This home to top notch dog grooming and specialty services received several nominations for this month’s Shop Local Stories, and we couldn’t be happier to share why.

"I love going to Pupcakes and my best pal Gigi loves it too. Juliana and her team take the best care of her. She gets groomed and pampered there and comes out looking like a princess. She always gets her favorite treats and lots of love and attention."

A Pupcakes Loyal Customer
Dog in front of the sign

Owner Juliana and her team take pride in making a connection with each and every fur-buddy that scampers through their door. In addition to the traditional bath and grooming services, they also accommodate issues with allergens, attitudes, and cages as their groomers love connecting with each dog and providing an anxiety-free experience.

Whether it’s nail trimmings, a tooth scrub, hair dying, nose/paw balm application or a sudsy scrub down, the crew at Pupcakes will take care of your four-legged kiddos as if they were their own. This boutique also has a large animal-friendly bakery, and a wide selection of clothes, toys and gear to suit any pet owner’s needs.

Beyond the impressive selection of specialty items found here, there is also a deep connection to the community. Recently, a client of Pupcakes passed away, leaving a pup-in-need behind. Juliana was quick to act and supported the family by covering the grooming costs and showing them love in a time of turmoil.

It’s actions like this, and establishments like Pupcakes, that prove that small businesses are more than just store fronts. They are the glue that holds a community together.

Every month, along with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Broadcasting, we share stories from across Cape Cod about how our local businesses do more for this community than simply provide goods and services and why shopping with them is more than just a single transaction.

Have a similar shop local story? Or want to share how a local business you know is giving back to the community, working with other local businesses or providing employment opportunities in a unique and interesting way? Nominate them here!