You Do It Suet®


For anyone who has ever struggled with leftover bacon grease (or meat drippings of any kind), You Do It Suet® is pretty much the most brilliant solution ever!

Created by local husband and wife team Desiree and Josiah Cole, You Do It Suet® is an affordable, reusable, easy to use silicone mold that allows any bird lover to create DIY suet from household scraps. It is earth-friendly, non-toxic and even fits into the standard suet cage that you probably already own or can buy at a (local) garden supply store.

You simply save liquid grease by pouring it into mold and then mix in ingredients such as bird seed, peanut butter, nuts and fruit. Then you harden the mold in the freezer, pop the suet cake out of the mold, place it in the cage, and voila – happy birdies! You can even find recipes that are perfect for attracting all kinds of birds on their site – as well as cute activities for kids!

We recommend visiting a local shop to buy or you can buy You Do It Suet® via their online shop!

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