chat with a local :: Maya Patterson {LLL intern}


If you grew up on Cape Cod for any period of time as we did or are raising a teenager now, we’re sure you know what it is like to want to get over the bridge for good at least a few times. The three of us are grateful to have found our way back to the sandbar and we’re passionate about making sure it



We firmly believe the grassroots movement for eating, shopping and buying at local independently owned businesses has gained a lot of traction in the last five to ten years, and people are factoring in where they are spending their dollars. What makes a business local? For our purposes, LoveLiveLocal defines local as the corporate headquarters for the business physically located on Cape Cod. Additionally we

Bennett Gallery


There’s a new kid in town on Hyannis Main Street just in time for locals’ summer, and we’re super excited about it! Local photographer Kevin Bennett has just opened the doors to Bennett Gallery, a photography studio and custom frame shop in the heart of Cape Cod’s downtown. Tucked inside a historic brick building next to the Hyannis Village Green, Bennett Gallery is fresh and inviting.



You may recall that last fall Cape & Plymouth Business brought a group of entrepreneurs (including the LoveLiveLocal team) up to Boston to District Hall and MassChallenge for a day of exploring some of the city’s most innovative spaces where both startups and small businesses grow and evolve. Well, they’re inviting local entrepreneurs to get back on the bus…this time to the Revolution Factory in Maynard. The Innovation Campus hosts co-working and maker

Ann & Fran’s


It might look unassuming, but if the lines out the door are at least one indication, Ann & Fran’s, located on Route 28 in West Yarmouth, is one breakfast place you will not want to miss. Don’t worry, due to quick and efficient (and always friendly) service the lines move fast, and you’ll get inside the intimate setting in a timely manner. The décor is like

Only in August!


Nope, we can’t believe it either. Summer is on the downswing so best to soak up every second of it while our biggest complaints are sunburns not snowdrifts. in this issue Five August Flavors. Cons = super hot days are torture. Pros = produce is absolutely going off at local farms and it’s inspiring all sorts of taste treats. Chat With A Local: Jordan Renzi is (at

5 Flavors in August


One of our favorite things to do during the Cape Cod summer is eat. All the food. From restaurants, farmers markets, and ice cream shops – and there are five flavors from a few of these fine establishments that we feel you must taste before the summer’s end. A dip and roll from The Local Scoop. Take one of their Cape Cod famous ice cream pops and roll them in

chat with a local :: Jordan Renzi


From the moment we heard the cool strains of her rendition of the Dead’s “I Know You, Rider” floating in the ether, we were smitten with local singer/songwriter Jordan Renzi. Then we heard her original song “September” and didn’t know just how far we could fall. Earlier this year, Jordan was named one of three 2017 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Fellows, in the Performing Arts.

Talking SHIfT :: In Defense of Small Business

SHift horiz

Full disclosure: one of our three editors owns Shift, the long-established, Hyannis-based clothing boutique we mention in this piece … but that’s not the only reason we’re writing. Sure, our brand is dedicated to sharing the best of Cape Cod’s locally made and grown items, highlighting notable locals, and showing how easy it is to get out and explore the sandbar. We’re also passionate about

Local Blood Donation


  It often takes a man-made or a natural disaster for people to make the important decision of donating blood, but what many don’t realize is blood donations continually save lives and improve health in many different ways: for blood transfusions for women with complications of pregnancy and childbirth; for children with severe anemia often resulting from malnutrition; and for many complex medical and surgical