Wellfleet Sea Salt

We admit to a minor crush on Hope Schwartz-Leeper and Zachary Fagiano, the fresh-faced entrepreneurial couple behind Wellfleet Sea Salt.

Conceived over the kitchen table at Hope’s family home as the focus of a Skidmore College business plan competition during their junior year, the company builds on the Cape’s history of tapping into the ocean’s abundance to preserve food during wartime embargos on imported salt.

With its distinctive briny flavor, Wellfleet Sea Salt is a lower-sodium, all-natural, and locally produced alternative we know you will love.  Sprinkle a bit over fresh fruit, says Zach, use in place of mayo or dressing on your favorite sandwich, or sprinkle on a buttered, toasted bagel (we tried this – yum!).

Upon their upcoming graduation from Skidmore, Hope and Zach will move to Chatham to run the company full-time. Help us welcome them at farmer’s markets across the Cape this summer, find out where to buy locally, or send an email if you’d like to visit the salt works in person.

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