Vote Local

It seems as though this election cycle has taken up a lot of space in everyone’s brain, conversations and newsfeeds. One comment that has been heard and seen floating around in cyber space is that people are so unenthused about either Presidential candidate that they might not vote at all on November 8.

But we would argue that the people representing us at a state, county and local level, even our Representatives in Congress, have more of an impact on our daily lives than the person who will lead from the White House. It would be impossible for anyone to have no thoughts or opinions at all on who will represent them in the Statehouse, who will be in charge of the County coffers or who will run the Sheriff’s office. Not to mention the four Ballot Questions that cover topics from increasing the number of slot machines and charter schools in the state to making the size of farm animals’ cages larger, to legalizing marijuana.

A vote for any of these positions and these questions will impact Cape Cod on some level, and it is our civic duty as loyal lovers of our homeland to be informed and help make the decisions about what is best for our area.

Find your polling place here (and vote early if you can’t make it on voting day), check out the Cape Cod Times coverage on the races for local seats, and read about each of the ballot initiatives.

Massachusetts doesn’t like it when people take pictures inside polling places, but you can take a picture of yourself outside when you’re done with your “I Voted” sticker and #votelocal!

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