The Cheap Seats

How can you not love Cat Wilson and her weekly radio show The Cheap Seats? Cat, who has been a radio personality on Cape Cod for almost a decade, has always been passionate about her community and extremely supportive of the local music scene.

For those of you who haven’t listened to the show, it is a place for music fans to become familiar with independent musicians, bands and singer-songwriters from around New England who wouldn’t normally be played on the commercial airwaves. You may even tune in and hear a friend’s voice or a local band’s song coming through the speakers

Cat also invites musicians to co-host the show with her, allowing for listeners to get to know them and their sound a little bit better. Guest co-hosts have included local favorites George Gritzbach and Sarah Swain, as well as other musicians from around off-Cape like Love in Stockholm andBrendan Kelley.

Join Cat and show the local music love: meet us everySunday from 6-8pm at 101.9 on the radio dial.

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