The Tailor Project

Plenty of us could admit to a few items in our closets that we don’t wear because of outdated style or ill fit. What if instead of donating these items you had them revamped by a local tailor?

Amy Dufault, local sustainability fashion and lifestyle writer, asked herself this and came up with the concept of the Tailor Project – a mending and design collaboration between Amy and local tailor Kathryn Hilderbrand of Stitched in Mashpee. Only Amy took it a step further, and vowed not to buy a single item of clothing or pair of shoes for the whole year.

Dufault says: “The Tailor Project is a call to arms…to join in supporting (your) local tailor, a profession being pushed out for cheaply made and priced clothing – garments more cost-effective to just throw away than to mend.”

People around the country have shared pictures of their newly altered clothing on the Tailor Project’s facebook page, and Amy has even taken the show on the road with a talk at New York City’s Pratt Institute. Hear more about the project and meet both Amy and Kathryn at an Earth Month Pop-up Shop on Friday, April 18 at 6pm at the newly opened art gallery GOSA (27 Fountain Street, Mashpee Commons).

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