The Local Scoop

Created by Mary Debartolo, an active promoter of the Cape’s ‘eat local’ movement as founder of Slow Food’s Cape Cod chapter, The Local Scoop is dishing out much more than ice cream from their brick-and-mortar location on 6A in Orleans. This ice cream parlor-meets-crêperie-meets-frozen yogurt shop offers innovative recipes that support indulging healthfully and locally.

We particularly love their homemade pops dipped in local favorites like Hole in One granola, Wellfleet Sea Salt and Cape Cod Beer Brittle.  Bite into fall with the Apple Pie ice cream, a seasonal special with three types of apples from Sandwich’s Crow Farm blended with The Local Scoop’s homemade crust.

Dubbed ‘Pop Mobile,’ Local Scoop’s new truck allows Mary and her team to do what they love the most – bringing their delicious treats out to the community. The truck serves up local treats at special events throughout the Cape; get the scoop online to see where they’re popping up next!

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