The Key Idea

How can you not love and want to participate in a community art project that invites Cape Cod
residents and visitors of all ages to add their voice to a large-scale community art exhibit?

The Key Idea™ explores the different stages of life through the metaphor of a key. Participants are asked to select a key, and then create a piece of art with a written explanation of what the key might open or what it might close.

Creator Lenore Lyons, Director of Arts Education at the Cotuit Center for the Arts, sees keys as objects that recall vivid memories and inspire powerful concepts. And she believes this is true for people of all ages, and is inviting people from ages 1 to 100 and beyond to create a piece of art.

The project will culminate in an exhibit at the Cotuit Center for the Arts this October. Each page created will be displayed sequentially by age to represent the ideas, references, associations, and priorities that change over a lifetime.

If you are interested in participating or hosting a group of potential artists, or have any keys you would like to lend to the project, please contact Lenore.

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