Story Heirlooms


Raised in an Irish family with a tradition of oral storytelling, local legacy writer Tara Machnik knows the enduring value of sharing our life stories. She says, “Taking the time to self-reflect is not only the greatest gift one can give to the next generation, it also allows one to live a life with greater intention.”

Through Story Heirlooms, Tara borrows from the ancient concept of an ethical will to capture life lessons and legacies. Using a series of questions designed to encourage reflection, Tara captures major life events, special anecdotes and a person’s values and philosophies. Thanks to her Master’s degree in counseling, she does more than chronicle the past – she brings compassion, care and respect to each stage of the process.

Once the interview series is audio recorded, Tara creates a written transcript. From a personal history to a more comprehensive memoir that could incorporate images and binding options, Tara works with clients to design a package to meet their wishes. In a digital age, a Story Heirloom is the gift of a lifetime. To work with Tara or purchase a gift certificate for a loved one, contact her here.

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