Silver Shores Shanty

We love that a work of fiction, written by local boys T.M. and Seton Murphy, has inspired the opening of a new Cape Cod eatery.

Silver Shores was first introduced in the brothers’ novel, The Running Waves as a fictional neighborhood in Falmouth Heights, and is now the namesake for the Silver Shores Shanty located on your way to the beach at 465 Grand Avenue in Falmouth.

Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, their menu proudly represents their slogan: “beach food for beach bums” with dishes such as a Lobster Caesar Salad, Fish Tacos with Black Bean Rice, and Oysters on the half shell. And we would never pass up dessert, choosing either their Sandcastle Sundae or their Surfboard Sundae – a banana split served on a piece of fried dough.

You can visit the walk-up window and order takeout or sit inside the dining room surrounded by local décor. The outdoor patio is filled with colored picnic tables, and creates the perfect atmosphere for their summer concert series featuring Jim Decatur, Bob Giroux, Dick Fiscus and Luke Vose.

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