Shop Local Challenge

shoplocalIn this quest to spend as many of my dollars locally, it has been interesting to see which items I regularly use are not as easy to find at locally owned stores. My most recent challenges came in the form of hair ties and office supplies.

If you don’t have long hair, you might have no idea the struggles that can accompany trying to put your hair up and out of your face. Hair elastics and fasteners are essential for this basic need, and there are times you can’t find one even though you could have sworn you had a large supply. It seems that there is a hair tie and bobby pin bandit that goes around stealing these items from my gym bag. Traditional elastics rip your hair and paper clips don’t do the job (trust me, I’ve tried). Prior to my quest, I would have gone to CVS to purchase these items, but in 2015 I would have to get more creative. Luckily, I was able to find bra strap hair bands at Bedroom I’s Boutique in Osterville (so nice on the hair, and they don’t cut off your circulation when wearing on the wrist), as well as decorative (yet still functional) bobby pins atWeekend in Orleans. I am still on my quest to find basic bobby pins at a locally owned establishment, so any tips are welcome!

My next challenge was to find somewhere to buy basic office supplies. Finding journals, funky paper clips and pens is not hard at all when we have places like The Write Choice in Mashpee Commons and Red Fish Blue Fish in Hyannis, but where do local businesses go for their copy paper, ink cartridges, and other office needs? The local answer is KenMark in Mashpee, which not only has office furniture, copiers and printers available, but also offers delivery service for whatever supplies you might need to keep your business running.

But, if we’re being honest, I tend to let things get desperate, and therefore last minute, before purchasing the office essentials. And so admittedly, I go to Staples, which in convenient and well-stocked. It is also a Massachusetts based company with their corporate headquarters in Framingham; meaning they are a huge player in our regional economy. As always, my preferred purveyors of goods are Cape Cod owned businesses, but in my mind, state owned businesses are the next best thing!

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