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Over the past four years LoveLiveLocal has become a resource for Cape Codders who are wondering where they can purchase things locally. The past two years our own Amanda Converse has both explored her own shopping habits to share where there might be challenges with regard to spending the majority of her dollars locally, as well as answered others’ questions about where to shop local for their wants and needs. This year Amanda will mentor self-selected individuals who are trying to change some of their own shopping habits in order to ensure they invest in their community as much as possible. We continue our journey with the first participant in LoveLiveLocal’s shop local mentoring experiment: our dear friend Kat.

As I explained last month, Kat moved from Boston to the Cape full-time two years ago. She was used to shopping at major chain stores in the city, so she simply shopped online at those same retailers when she moved here. Last month I introduced her to local boutiques where she could find the clothing brands she likes. This month we tackled home goods.

My first question to Kat was “where do you buy things like lightbulbs, snow shovels and trash bags?” And her answer (given timidly as she knew it was “wrong”) was “Home Depot.” So, I explained to her that anything that national retailers such as these have in terms of consumable household goods can be found at your local hardware store. The difference is a majority of money spent in the local store stays here on Cape Cod whereas most of money spent at places like Home Depot goes right over the bridge to their corporate headquarters.

Next we went on the hunt for local spots that carry furniture and home décor – a great love for Kat who is still in the process of making her house a home.

Our first stop was Margo’s located on Osterville Main Street where they have cute home accents, linens and great wall art (Kat fell in love with a fish painting – she’s turning into a true Cape Codder!). Then we traveled down Route 28 to Fresh Interiors in West Dennis where we had to takes laps around the store and look in all the nooks and crannies to see all of the goodness they have stocked in there. From mirrors and lamps to throw pillows and decorative platters to mattresses and sofas – they carry a variety of styles at all different price ranges. Kat said she wished she had known we had our very own local version of Pottery Barn before she had furnished her house!

A local home goods tour would not be complete without a trip to Snow’s Home and Garden in Orleans – Cape Cod’s locally owned department store. While I went straight for a new coffee maker, Kat beelined it for the garden center for a new potted plant. We then spent over an hour browsing the bathroom accessories and kitchen appliances, checking out the patio furniture, and debating about which drawer organizers were the most helpful. Clearly we were in our happy place, filling our home goods needs (or wants??) while also investing in our community by shopping local.

Do you or someone you know need help reforming your big box store or online shopping ways? Email us at and we’ll help you on your journey!


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