Shop Local Customer Challenge

a new monthly challenge with LoveLiveLocal
For the past two years we have explored the realities of shopping local in our monthly emails, including the benefits and challenges, as well as the how-tos. In year one, co-founder Amanda Converse examined her own shopping habits down to where she buys gas, and determined where she could make her own changes to spend more of her dollars with small local businesses. This past year, we fielded questions from our readers as to where to purchase your wants and needs from local businesses. This year we will take our research and analysis a bit further, and help locals put these suggestions into practice.

So, do you know a mall rat or an online shopping addict who is looking to reform their ways and have more of a positive impact on the Cape Cod community by shopping local? Someone who might be willing to share their stories with our readers? We are looking for five people who are willing to make a national chain store detox for at least two months of 2017 and shift as much spending as they can to local businesses. Get in touch at, and we’ll take it from there!


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