Shop Local Challenge: Swimsuit Edition

I would probably say that my dedication to shopping locally started with purchasing clothing, as that is the one item I shop for the most (I blame my mother).

There was a perception that there was no style on Cape Cod and nowhere to purchase fashionable clothing – it was something you had to buy in Boston or beyond. But finding clothing that is on trend, flattering and unique wasn’t as hard as people might imagine.

And since starting The Current Quarterly almost three years ago, I now know where to find items for work, working out, going out, going to a fancy dress party, dressing for the weekend, and spending the weekend in bed.

I also own a clothing store (Shift Eco Boutique), so I know the struggles that small retail clothing stores go through competing with large chains and the typical mall stores.

But I am faced with a huge challenge this month; something that almost every woman dreads. I need a new bathing suit.

I know where to buy them locally, in fact (spoiler alert!) I am planning a bathing suit spread in the next issue of the CQ. But there is definitely something to be said for anonymously ordering online, receiving it in an unassuming package, going to the privacy of my own room and trying on the one item no one wants to put on after one of the worst winters on record (pasty white legs and the effects of lots of warm comfort food, anyone?). I almost went online to purchase said suit. Almost.

But I resisted the urge. Because I am not only armed with the knowledge of where to buy cute bathing suits at locally owned stores, but I am also aware of why I should buy the dreaded suit at locally owned stores. Because when I click that submit button on an online order, absolutely none of those dollars helps this community about which I care so much.

So, I will suck it up (in more ways than one), and head to a local purveyor of swimsuits, and find one that makes me feel good (in more ways than one)

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