Shop Local Challenge

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This is not a story I thought I would be writing this far into my journey of trying to spend as much of my money locally in 2015. I thought this would be the admission I would write in month two or three, rather than near the end of my journey.

Confession: I shopped online. I spent my hard-earned dollars and they went directly off-Cape, over the bridge, somewhere else.

I could say it was out of desperation (which, depending on your definition of the word, it may have been), because the fruit fly situation around my compost bin has gotten out.of.control. A new charcoal filter was necessary. Stat. To my credit, my first instinct was to see if I could get it at Bradford’s Ace Hardware. But when that didn’t materialize, instead of trying one of the many, many, many garden centers or cook shops all across Cape Cod, I went online and ordered my filters from Amazon. Literally doing the exact opposite of what I encourage others to do on a daily basis. It wasn’t until the Brit (my boyfriend) called me on it that I realized my lapse.

Yes, it might have taken more time to find the right product, but not as much time as it took to arrive in the mail. It was the easy, on-the-fly, and (my most dreaded word)convenient thing to do.

Why was this decision so disturbing to me? Because shopping online literally doesnothing for our local economy. If we all shopped online for everything or even for half of our consumables, our small businesses would virtually disappear.  And to me, no amount of convenience is ever worth more than our Cape Cod community.

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