Shop Local Challenge

In this month’s shop local challenge I face two very different purchasing decisions: a car battery and cosmetics.

I own a Honda Civic (her name is Sunny), which I leased and then purchased from Hyannis Honda. Since then, I have chosen to take my car there for repairs, inspections and oil changes as it is convenient and they offer great service.

When I recently went to get my oil changed I began to wonder about the ownership structure of the dealership (and quite frankly worried that I might have to find a new mechanic), and discovered that Honda dealerships are independently owned and operated businesses—no franchise fee is charged. Hyannis Honda is a family-owned business that simply sells Honda products.

After the oil change, I was told that my car needed a new battery. Although I was inclined to have it taken care of by my Honda guys, my man friend insisted it was something he could do. So, I began shopping for a car battery.
Many people have told me that local auto supply stores cannot and do not compete with national chain stores on price. This is a common misperception that is perpetuated by misinformation that I happily proved wrong. The car battery at Orleans Auto Supply was the same price as the national auto supplier.

In the midst of researching car batteries, I also needed to get new cosmetic cover up. I have previously confessed my CVS habit (went cold turkey at the beginning of this year and haven’t looked back), part of which included purchasing my beloved concealer for years. Without this large corporation as an option, I looked to the pros for help: Samantha Welch and Sheryl Baba from Solstice Day Spa – both makeup artists and estheticians who also sell makeup in their fine establishments (as do most local salons). Not only do they have a higher-quality product, but they also have vast amounts of training and knowledge, tips and tricks that I certainly can’t get from any national chain store makeup section

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