Put Your Money Where Your Heart is!

One of our goals as an online lifestyle movement is to gather and cultivate a strong community that sees the enormous value in spending their dollars locally. We take pride in introducing consumers to the concept that more dollars spent at a local business, in all sectors of the economy, is what is best for our local community.

Shopping local has what is called a Multiplier Effect, or the boost to the Cape Cod economy that results from locally owned independent businesses, owners, and employees spending business revenue within the region. Typically, local independent businesses recirculate a much greater percentage of sales locally compared to absentee-owned businesses.

Unfortunately, there is a general lack of awareness of this reality. In addition, there are many misperceptions that create a barrier for customers to patronize local businesses – supposed limitations in inventory, assumed higher prices, and perceived lack of convenience – none of which are necessarily true or significant enough to deter people from thinking local first.

But sometimes it requires incentivizing people to see this for themselves.

The CQ Fall Fashion Hunt is doing just that. A 30-day scavenger hunt put on by The Current Quarterly (the Cape’s only dedicated shopping magazine), this fun challenge will take the “hunters” all over Cape Cod to style the perfect outfit for fashion icons or answer a trivia question about local businesses. The Hunt will commence October 4 and end November 7 (you can join at any time), and will require people – individuals or teams – to collect their responses in photo form to be submitted when they have completed their list. The winner will receive a prize package from the participating stores, so they can then purchase the items they fell in love with while out hunting!

Of course, the intention of the competition is to familiarize participants with local businesses they might not know, and to develop an appreciation for them. Because without these businesses, our local economy would falter and our local community would lose much of its unique character.

Do you love Cape Cod? Then we challenge you to put your money where your heart is.

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