Project Cape Made


Meet “Project Cape Made,” a new initiative designed to bring awareness and micro-investments to local entrepreneurs through a series of limited edition products!

Project Cape Made officially launched it’s flagship series of branded apparel at the first LoveLocal Fest of the summer season on July 31st at Aselton Park.

LoveLiveLocal will donate fifty percent of the profits from Project Cape Made to selected local artisan entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses on Cape Cod through small capital investments, furthering our mission to create an economically sustainable, and creative and exciting future for the place we call home. Independent makers, growers and business owners are essential to keeping the cultural fabric and unique spirit of places like Cape Cod vibrant for future generations.

Drawing on inspiration from other community groups around the country, the Project Cape Made idea was galvanized for us when an independent designer friend needed a small amount of money over the winter to purchase additional fabric that would allow her to create the following season’s line and continue the business’ positive growth trajectory. This is not an unusual story for Cape Cod entrepreneurs. Many others with whom we work with cite lack of capital as a reason for slow growth or not being able to take their product development to the next level. Project Cape Made aims to help mitigate these stresses for local makers.

Once a sufficient level of lending capital has been reached through Project Cape Made apparel sales, the first micro-investments will be made!

Stay tuned!