Pretty World

The 1960s offered American culture some of the best and most impactful music of all time. The Cape is fortunate enough to have three local singers – Jordan Renzi, Kristin Fehlau and Ruth Condon – who are getting together for dinner and a show to celebrate it at the Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa on Thursday, August 13.

Pretty World honors the likes of Dionne Warwick, Joni Mitchell, Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter, Petula Clark, Diana Ross, Carole King and Lani Hall of Brasil 66. These female artists were chosen for their legacy, relevance in the popular music charts and ability to break down barriers in the recording industry.

The show, which opens at 6:30 with a meet and greet with the cast, will take place in the moon-lit glass walled conservatory dining room – an intimate setting that will allow the viewers to truly engage with the music, as well as the performers.

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