Ply Product

Tim Burlingame, a long-time Boarding House employee, has been skateboarding virtually his entire life. His love has turned into another form of artistic expression through his budding business, Ply Product.

Skateboards decks are made up of 7-9 “plys” or multiple thin layers of wood (veneers), bonded together. Each ply might have a different color, and the patterns vary widely from deck to deck. By deconstructing used boards, Tim can re-purpose the wood into gorgeous accessories.

With avid skaters going through as many as a few boards a month, Tim has plenty of raw material. After painstakingly slicing the wood and gluing layers together to form the patterns he wants, Tim then shapes the new piece into the form of a ring, earrings or even an ashtray, finishing it off with a sealing coat.

Tim’s technique continues to evolve, with more and more intricate patterns emerging. Most recently, he has been experimenting with making custom scales, or faces, for utility knives.

Ply Product makes an eco-friendly and unique gift for your favorite skater, or for someone who just appreciates well-crafted, usable art. Find them at The Boarding House in Hyannis, via email, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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