Osterville Cinematheque

It doesn’t surprise us that so many talented filmmakers have graduated from Barnstable High School. The Osterville Cinematheque’s has chosen to honor that talent by screening four documentaries this Friday, January 9 at the Osterville Village Library starting at7:30.

The screening begins with three short films: Mike McGuirk’s SHIP OF FOOLS, where a photographer reveals the true story behind his most iconic portrait to an incredulous rock journalist; Andrew Wood’s THE F***ING TREE, a story about a smooth-talking protagonist with repressed desires; and Kyle McDonald’s brief GRAVEYARD KOKOMO which is an experimental 16mm exercise in the tradition of Stan Brakhage.

The screening is headlined by the feature full length documentary THE LAST SONG BEFORE THE WAR, by Kiley Kraskouskas. The film is a chronicle of the 2011 Festival au Désert in Timbuktu, Mali – before the annual festival’s indefinite hiatus due to ongoing regional conflict between Tuareg nationalists and the Malian government. The festival history is told from the perspective of the co-founder and festival director, Manny Ansar, the musicians who perform and the intrepid travelers from around the world who make the long journey to attend the festival. Against the backdrop of stunning musical performances, the film subtly reveals the challenges and triumphs of creating an artistic event in such challenging economic and political circumstances.

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