Orpheum Theater

We love when a good piece of history repeats itself here on Cape Cod, which is why the reopening of the Orpheum Theater in Chatham excites us so much.

It has been over 26 years since the theater has shown a movie. But local citizens didn’t let that stand in their way as they formed the Orpheum Theater Project and began raising money ($2.2 million to date) to restore and preserve the historic structure, while modernizing the interior and the digital equipment capabilities.

When the theater opened in 1916 it was showing silent films, and as it reopened it was showing Steve Carell’s latest film, “The Way, Way Back” and a special screening of “Jaws.” The plan is to show mainstream movies in the main theater, as well as independent films and documentaries in a second smaller theater.

For a complete movie-going experience, you can grab a bite from Vers, a patisserie on the lower level of the theater that offers a special menu – including beer and wine – for moviegoers to enjoy while watching a film


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