Organic Farms are Everywhere {film premiere}

farmsA little over four years ago two local food movement enthusiasts, Registered Dietician Nicole Cormier and Organic Farmer, Jim Lough, embarked on cross country road trip to seek the answer to the question “What has become the most reliable way to provide our families with nutritious foods?”

The answer, they assert, is local, organic farming. So, they went through 24 states and stopped at 24 small organic farms, interviewing every farmer and filming every experience, in order to bring home 50 hours of footage to create a short documentary to share with people at home and across the country.

The result of these efforts: Organic Farms are Everywhere, which will make its Cape Cod debut during Earth Month at Cape Cinema on April 21 at 7pm with a panel discussion immediately following.

The film promises beautiful scenery on the coasts and in the heart of America, visits to farms like L’hoste Citrus in Braithwaite, Louisiana and Blue Heron Farm in Lodi, NY, education on what it means to farm organically and a real world view on the struggles and the rewards of local, organic farming.

If you are looking to make a night of it, Slow Food Cape Cod is hosting a pre-party at Fin, starting at 5pm.

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