Only in August!

Nope, we can’t believe it either. Summer is on the downswing so best to soak up every second of it while our biggest complaints are sunburns not snowdrifts.

in this issue

  • Five August Flavors. Cons = super hot days are torture. Pros = produce is absolutely going off at local farms and it’s inspiring all sorts of taste treats.
  • Chat With A Local: Jordan Renzi is (at least) a triple threat – soulful singer/songwriter, prolific visual artist, and known to take the stage now and again. You’ll want to say you knew her when.
  • Talking Shift: In Defense of Small Business. It’s time for some more LLL real talk, we’re sorry to say.
  • Get pricked to show your Love … Only if you Live here can you experience the symphony under the stars in this way … Falmouth’s new Local oyster joint is Epic!

what’s up + where to get down
Check out our picks for this month … and be sure to tag @lovelivelocal + #lovelivelocal when you’re out and about (plus #cmfg2017 if you’re using our CapeMade Field Guide for daytrip, shopping + dining ideas!).

Didn’t get your paws on our newest merch at the July LoveLocal Fest? If you find yourself in Hyannis, stop by and see us seven days a week at our LoveLiveLocal headquarters located at 535 South Street! We’d love to chat, hook you up with a new LLL decal + help you find your size (yes, we have XS + XXL in most!).

 Locally Yours,
Jen, Kate + Amanda

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