One Community Connected


Finding common ground is more important than ever if we are to maintain strong communities in the face of national strife. Grassroots efforts such as the newly formed One Community Connected serve as essential local outlets for those seeking inclusion, equality and opportunity for all.

Organizers Mary Petiet and Lynn Levine of Barnstable Village, and Hannah Hilliard-Bouvier of Sandwich recently began One Community Connected in response to post-election division. The trio saw a need for a local organization focused on what we have in common – for example, a desire for safety, good schools, and a positive future.

Through events focused on generating actionable ideas and forging connections, One Community Connected hopes to build bridges across ideological divides. Anyone who shares these goals is invited to participate in One Community Connected events. The next event, After The March: Stories and Action, takes place February 11 at 2 p.m. at the Unitarian Church of Barnstable. Hear stories about the recent march in Boston, share ideas, and fill out postcards highlighting issues of concern – many of which are non-partisan, such as protecting the fragile Cape environment – to send to our government representatives.

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