Ocean Quest

One of the best parts of living on Cape Cod is being able to experience the wonders of nature in its various forms at all times of day.

Ocean Quest, a hands-on educational program that offer discovery boat rides for families, educators and students, is hosting a nighttime cruise to witness a Mega Meteor Shower on Monday, August 12 departing from Woods Hole at 10:00pmand arriving back on land at2:00am.

The journey, which is open to adults as well as children, will head away from the mainland toward Tarpaulin Cove, which was once a busy place of commerce for those who lived on the Elizabeth Islands a chain of 16 islands that extend about 16 miles westward into Buzzards Bay from Falmouth on Cape Cod.

Ocean Quest is calling this particular meteor shower the “celestial show of the year.” This night marks the time when the Earth passes through the debris trail of Comet Swift-Tuttle.  The debris left behind falls through the sky and burns up in a blaze of light.

They will have a local astronomer on hand to talk about our night skies. The best part of all? They will be serving s’mores and hot chocolate!

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