Mom and Pops


We’re over the moon about Mom and Pops, the fresh new burger joint on Route 28 in Chatham!

Order at the counter from the old-school letterboard menu featuring simple selections with top-quality ingredients – burgers, hot dogs, fries, grilled cheese, frappes – plus a few specials reflecting the owners’ backgrounds, like the homemade Filipino lumpia (Mom’s from the Philippines) and the steamed cheeseburger (Pops is a New Englander). Some items reflect their shared loves, San Francisco where they met (California burger) and Chatham, which they call home now (fried oyster sandwich).

In addition to the light, bright atmosphere and friendly service, we love this brand-new restaurant’s support of all things local. You’ll find Devil’s Purse beer from Dennis, Farmer Willie’s ginger beer from Provincetown, and oysters from Chatham Shellfish Co.
Bonus: The Bashful Tarte Bakery shares the space and makes memorable cakes, pies, pastries and desserts. Plus, Mom also works at CapeAbilities, a fantastic local non-profit organization!

We recommend a visit to Mom and Pop’s ASAP (they’re open Monday through Saturday); in the meantime, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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