Molly Parmenter

Local singer songwriter Molly Parmenter has been creating music in the privacy of her own world for a long time, but it is only in the past couple of years that she has gotten up to perform in front of an audience at her weekly gig every Wednesdayat The Island Merchant on Main Street in Hyannis.

It is there that she sings of love, loss and broken hearts, while also performing unique acoustic covers of the likes of Aretha Franklin, Florence and the Machine, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, and even Bruno Mars.

Molly doesn’t sing for attention or fame. She sings because it is what she is meant to do. When Molly performs, it is as if she is baring her soul on stage, and we can’t help but connect with her emotional words and vocals.

We are captivated by her honest and authentic sound, and are excited to see her starting singing at more local events and local venues, such as Harvest Gallery and Wine Bar in Dennis, where she will be playing Friday, May 10 at 8pm.


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