Mi Pueblo

Hidden signage leading down a back alley to no nonsense, no frills, truly authentic Mexican food on Cape Cod? Love at first sight! The two-month old Mi Pueblo is tucked away off of Main Street, Hyannis next door to popular nightspot Embargo…if you walk too fast you just might miss it!

Translating to “my people,” Mi Pueblo is a refreshing addition to our local culinary offerings, serving truly authentic Mexican fare with none of the American flair that often gets in the way.  The café resembles the Baja-style taquerias found in Southern California with its minimalist décor, Mexican tunes playing on the radio and most importantly… its food!

Start with homemade guacamole made to order with fresh and flavorful ingredients, or indulge in an order of ceviche and a pair of tamales. Their tacos are simple and perfect, served with cilantro and diced onions…we recommend the carne asada! The fish tacos are made up of the catch of the day (ours were tilapia) and topped with a housemade pico de gallo and chipotle aioli sauce. Wash it all down with some homemade horchata or a Jarritos Mexican soda.  On the go: grab a burrito, lightly grilled to perfection, and served with all the right fixins.

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