McDermott Glass Studio

We not only love the owners of McDermott Glass Studio, Yukimi Matsumoto and David McDermott, but we also love Glass Jam, their annual event which will take place on September 14.

Similar to when musicians with different instruments and backgrounds get together and “jam” to create new music, the Glass Jam brings together glassblowers with different styles and techniques from all over Northeast to create new glass pieces.

As a gaffer (the fancy name for glassblower), it is an opportunity to meet and learn from others in the field. As an observer it is one of the only chances you will get to see these artisans practice their ancient craft. Glassblowing requires strength, creativity, precision, and a sense of humor. The process is beautiful and fascinating to watch, and makes you think about where glasses, bowls and vases come from and wonder about the people that have created them.

Get to the Jam around 11amwhen it starts, or wait until the afternoon when the collaborative process is underway. While you’re there check out the Gallery to see what Yukimi, David and the rest of their team create throughout the year.

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