Marsha Theresa Danzig

We first noticed Marsha Theresa Danzig in our yoga class, mostly because she has a hot pink leopard print yoga mat, but also because she had a prosthetic leg which clearly didn’t stop her from being a yoga bad***.

As it turns out, Marsha became a below-the-knee amputee when she was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 13.

Soon after she grabbed our attention, she grabbed the country’s attention when her project “Yoga for Amputees” was featured in the nationally published magazine Yoga Journal.

Since then we have come to know Marsha not only as a beautiful woman and soul, but also as the first yoga teacher in the United States with an amputation, and the author ofFierce Joy, a memoir about choosing joy in the face of suffering.

And this Saturday, November 9, Marsha will be reading from her book and telling of her experiences at the Yarmouthport Library on “Yoga, Joy, and the Tough Stuff.”  If you have ever had to find your new normal after a major trauma, life change or sudden diagnosis, then this talk and Marsha will certainly resonate with you

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