Mangia Alla Museo

Mangia Alla Museo

How often do you get to eat bowls and bowls of pasta while also contributing to a good cause? Well, the Cape Cod Museum of Art is going to make sure it’s at least once this year in order to raise money for the museum’s education programs.

On Saturday, March 11, from 5-8pm they will host the family-friendly event Mangia Alla Museo, where you fill your bowl with ziti (gluten-free options available), and vote on your favorite sauce. That’s right! It’s also a competition! Local businesses from the area like Encore, Treats/Dennis Inn, Gerardi’s and Underground Bakery will be presenting their secret sauce recipes for guests to taste and judge.

Possibly the coolest part is that the bowls from which you will enjoy your dinner are hand-crafted bowls made by the pottery class at the museum.

Wine from Joseph Carr and dessert from Kayak Cookies is also included, so make sure you save at least a little room!

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