LoveLISTENLocal Series

An important part of LoveLiveLocal’s events, our local lives, and our social media posts has always been the local music scene. We try to do whatever we can to support the musicians on Cape Cod and encourage people to get out and listen to their great talent. That’s why we were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the Town of Barnstable and the HyArts Cultural District with support from Cape Cod Five, Hy-Line Cruises, and WOMR to bring free musical performances to Hyannis Harbor at Bismore Park on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout July and August, and at Aselton on Fridays in August, all from 6-7:30pm.

The #LoveLISTENLocal performances on Thursdays and Saturdays highlight acoustic, singer-songwriter performances featuring musicians like our friends Palmer Egan, Kathleen Healy, Alicia Mathewson, Kim Moberg, Molly Parmenter, Schuyler Grant, Jordan Renzi and Catie Flynn.

The Friday night performances in August feature full bands like the Schuyler Grant Band who play soulful rock ‘n roll; Jo & Co. with their lively, danceable pop music; Clã Da Bossa Nova who will play Brazilian pop, and the Christian Trimarchi Band who plays classic rock.

So choose a night or two or three, grab your blankets, beach chairs, and dancing shoes, and enjoy the show!

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