Local HOLIDAY Love

hoiday love

One of the best parts of the holidays that we love is the seasonal décor – no one can deny it gets you in the spirit and brings a bit of cheer during these colder weather and darker days. Fortunately there are many local stores that have everything you’ll need to make the season bright. For Christmas trees and garlands of greens locally owned garden

350 MASS // Cape Cod


We love Mother Earth and we love this local organization that is dedicated to learning about and confronting the urgent challenges of climate change, here on Cape Cod and beyond. 350 Mass // Cape Cod, formed in January 2017, is a local chapter of 350 Mass which is closely aligned with the mission and values 350.org, an international climate movement founded in 2008 led by Bill McKibben, author of one of the

United for Puerto Rico


In times of tragedy, it is hard to know where to begin to offer help and support. After the severe hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, we didn’t have to look far to find an easy way to get involved and show some (local) love. LoveLiveLocal favorite and original supporter (he created our logo!), Vinnie Arnone of Cabo Cado has created a line of tee shirts that are both adorable

Bennett Gallery


There’s a new kid in town on Hyannis Main Street just in time for locals’ summer, and we’re super excited about it! Local photographer Kevin Bennett has just opened the doors to Bennett Gallery, a photography studio and custom frame shop in the heart of Cape Cod’s downtown. Tucked inside a historic brick building next to the Hyannis Village Green, Bennett Gallery is fresh and inviting.

Local Blood Donation


  It often takes a man-made or a natural disaster for people to make the important decision of donating blood, but what many don’t realize is blood donations continually save lives and improve health in many different ways: for blood transfusions for women with complications of pregnancy and childbirth; for children with severe anemia often resulting from malnutrition; and for many complex medical and surgical

LoveLISTENLocal Series


An important part of LoveLiveLocal’s events, our local lives, and our social media posts has always been the local music scene. We try to do whatever we can to support the musicians on Cape Cod and encourage people to get out and listen to their great talent. That’s why we were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the Town of Barnstable and the HyArts Cultural District with support