Local {LOVE} :: February 2016 Edition

As we enter our fourth year of all things LoveLiveLocal, we are more committed than ever to our mission to shine a light on the beautiful place we call home, focusing on both the unique experiences to be found here and our incredible community of locally owned businesses as well as makers, artists, artisans, farmers, and musicians that make Cape Cod like nowhere else on Earth.

For the three of us it’s a labor of love, one that amounts to a third, fourth and sometimes fifth job {the Cape Cod way!}. We don’t do it because it’s easy. We do it because it matters. At least, we think it does … and when you become inspired to try something new through these emails, show up by the thousands to our LoveLocal Fests, and pick up a copy of The CapeMade Field Guide before you set out to explore or to purchase a gift or necessity, you tell us that choosing local over big box makes a difference too.  Your support in these ways is critical to continuing the LoveLiveLocal movement we started in 2013 as our contribution to “shaping the Cape.” And it’s essential to holding on to the best of our sandbar.
Another way to get involved? Tell us your very favorite beaches, eateries, bars, experiences, and tips for making the most of the Cape – the kind of things you would share with a friend from out of town. You might find your ideas in the 2016 CapeMade Field Guide or our social media channels … and you might get some LLL swag!

what’s up + where to get down

Mark your calendars! And don’t forget to look for our #LocalLowdown every Friday on Facebook for more of what’s happening each weekend.

  • Join Cape Cod Museum of Art for a screening of award-winning film 45 Years. {2.5 – 2.11; see website for times}
  • Feeling the February itch? Join Cape Cod Beer for a Cabin Fever Party to benefit the Figawi Charities! {2.27; 4pm}
Locally yours,
Amanda, Kate and Jen

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