LLL Look Back

LoveLiveLocal launched a year ago out of a desire by the three of us – Kate, Jen and Amanda – to share our journeys around, experiences in, and knowledge of this very special place we all call home. We thought we could connect people looking for things to do with events to support and local businesses to patronize. Above all, in a time when negativity tends to be the default button, we wanted to offer the positive view that we see (literally and figuratively) in our lives here on Cape Cod, in February, November and August.

So we decided to share what we love like the art and artists of McDermott Glass Studio and the tasty bites at Pickle Jar Kitchen; recommend not-to-miss events and activities in how we live; and fill people in on which locals to know like Marsha Danzig, author of Fierce Joy, and Phil Burt of CapeCodWeather.net.

Part of our plan was to also give people a venue to share their recommendations and suggestions, and express their love for their local. Our first LoveLocal Fest did just that. We simply provided an opportunity for the community to enjoy local vendors, locally grown food, and the sounds from local musicians, and what we and everyone experienced truly was a local love fest. Locals and visitor alike came together on the last Sunday in July, and then August and September, to celebrate our community that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and volunteerism.

We have only scratched the surface of amazing people, businesses, daytrips and gorgeous sunsets, and this coming year promises all of those things in our regular e-mails as well as the LoveLocal Fests where we can come together again and celebrate all that Cape Cod has to offer.

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