Lee Hill

Lee Hill and his new non-profit project, The Commercial Kitchen Coop of Cape Cod (CKC3) are right up our alley.

As we know and preach, there is no shortage of homegrown talent on Cape Cod (LoveLocal Fest, anyone?). Lee sees the potential in these food-inspired makers and wants to help nurture and develop their growth. His vision of CKC3 isn’t simply to ‘provide’ a commercial kitchen, but to offer guidance, education, consultation and commercial space to locals who have the concept, the drive, the talent…but may not have the resources.

CKC3’s mission is to “enhance and preserve the traditional Cape Cod lifestyle by stimulating economic development through expanded job creation in the food manufacturing industry.”

To further that mission, Lee has reached out to nearly a dozen commercial-sized kitchens throughout the Cape in hopes to build a network of facilities and resources. He has also enlisted some of the Cape’s most impressive foodie ‘movers and shakers’ to join his advisory board including LLL favorites from Cape Cod Beer, Kayak Cookies, Sunbird and The Local Scoop…to name a few.

Want to join in on the fun? They are actively looking for entrepreneurs, advisors, donors, volunteers and much more! We can’t wait to see what develops!

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