Katie’s Creamery

Curious about what makesKatie’s Ice Cream one of Cape Cod’s most beloved spots for frozen treats? Now you can see for yourself!  Family-owned since 1989, Katie’s Creamery recently opened next to their scoop shop on Main Street Hyannis to allow visitors to see first-hand how their delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, toppings, cones and more are crafted onsite in small batches.

Owner Julie Kimball’s daughter Katie comes up with dozens of flavors from basic to inventive, makes the ice cream and sources high-quality ingredients, with a growing focus on what’s locally and seasonally available. Jim’s Organic Coffee (Wareham), lavender from Cape Cod Lavender Farm (Harwich), and Not Enough Acres Farm honey (Dennis) are just some of the flavors you’ll find. Even Katie’s dairy is hormone-free and comes from Massachusetts-based farms.

Stop by the Creamery Monday through Saturday from noon to 5pm – Katie will explain what step of the ice-cream making process is underway, dole out samples when possible, and describe her inspirations (including culinary trends, cocktail menus and family recipes for everything from bread pudding to cranberry sauce).

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