Karma Food and Wellness


The campus on 6A in Brewster that is home to two of our LLL favorites Snowy Owl Coffee and Edible Landscapes just got a little cooler with the addition of Karma Food and Wellness.

Karma Foods is a gluten-free vegetarian eatery that opened this summer. Owners Brain and Coree Aussant have transformed the space that once hosted Chef Paul’s Truffles (the Cape misses you!) into a health haven that boasts a small café on one side and a beautiful yoga studio on the other. Karma Wellness will soon be offering classes in yoga, meditation and wellness. Both spaces are clean and inviting and the couple hopes to create a gathering space for the local community.

Karma Foods offers an innovative menu of fresh juices, smoothies, breakfast, soups, salads, grain bowls as well as some takeaway items and a small retail space. There is limited seating inside but ample seating outside (and a fire pit!) for sunny days.

Stay tuned as Karma continues to grow their menu and food offerings as well as introducing their wellness class schedule!


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